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What Is Content and Why Is It Important?

Elevating Search Rankings With Content

Whether you’re new to the world of SEO or slightly reclusive, you have surely heard the term ” Content is King ” or Queen if you wish, but what does this mean? Let’s start with what content is; content is the information on your website that can be consumed by your visitors and is not exclusively text as you’re reading now. Other forms considered to be content are:

  • Blogs and news posts
  • Articles and guides
  • Infographics
  • Products and services

So why the term Content is king? In the past, content was created with search engines in mind, not consumers. Gone are the days where keyword stuffing relatively useless content on your site would elevate your search rankings. Today content is king and this means creating inviting, unique and useful information, targeting real people that is on topic.

So how do you create content? Content should be first and foremost for your end user, but this doesn’t mean the SEO side of things is to be forgotten, you should still research the trending keywords that are logical for your content and place them within your title and throughout your content. Creating successful content in this manner, people before SEO can not only achieve search rankings for your desired keywords, but also help you create something worth sharing, therefore building links to your pages. Search engine optimisation’s version of two birds with one stone.