Jordan " Jouxy " De Joux is a 24 year old professional Esports player from Toowoomba, Queensland. He is currently in the PUBG Roster for team Fury, Jouxy is a leading player in the Oceanic region, proudly representing Australia for over 2 years on the Esports International stage. Primomedia is a proud sponsor of Jouxy as he continues to represent his country in the exceptionally demanding and fast paced environment of professional gaming.

Hi, my name is Jordan “Jouxy” de Joux, I am 24 years of age, proud father and lucky husband. I live in Toowoomba, QLD and I currently play PUBG competitively for @FuryAustralia.

I feel as though I really focused on the competitive aspect of esports quite some time ago. I competed a lot in social sports when I was younger until I injured myself and tore my ACL and my eye socket, whilst I was recovering I spent a lot of time playing computer games with some of my friends. One of these games of which was PUBG. Being naturally competitive, I sought out information about the competitive scene and found out about different online leagues such a LPL & GZ! From here I put in a lot of time and effort, focused very hard on improving myself individually, learning and developing skills to help perform better within the game.

It’s very difficult, however very important to maintain a healthy balance when it comes to incorporating video games. You need to ensure you make time for yourself health wise, time for you friends and family aswell as work. It’s very easy to focus on one more so then the others, but each of these are very important in their own way to help maintain a healthy mental state of mind. I personally struggle with this, however I do from time to time make the extra effort to ensure I’m keeping in contact with my friends and family, making time to catch up and discuss our current lives. I make sure that I make time for my family, outings to the local park or just for a family walk, my partner is amazing, very supportive and listens to me when I have new information about work or competitive PUBG. I’m currently looking at signing up to the gym and competing in social touch football to help build my fitness levels. To maintain a good standard of game play you have to be mentally with it, a good diet, the right amount of sleep, and exercise will help you perform in game consistently.

Hands down my best moment as a team would be winning the OMEN BY HP Challenger tournament held in Bangkok with my fellow teammates. This was our first overseas event we had qualified for, we competed against other teams from different nations and went in to win $20,000USD. As an individual how I performed at the FACEIT Global Summit tournament held in London was also very rewarding!

Personally I’m looking at continuing playing PUBG till the end of the year. If an improvement with the state of Esports and the game is evident then I’ll hopefully continue playing professionally or seek out other opportunities such as coaching etc. I love playing competitively and I love PUBG, getting to travel the world to play the game you love is a dream come true.