What Is Click Through Rate?

Click Through Rate, also known as CTR, is the measurement at which online searchers click displayed links in search engine results. CTR is a key measure used to determine the effectiveness of your online strategy, paid or organic. Click through rate is calculated by dividing the number of times a link appears or is displayed by the number of actual clicks it has received. Click through Rates change due to a few factors such as whether it’s a Banner Ad, Google Ad words, Bing and Facebook advertising, industry or organic listings among other things.

How To Improve Click Through Rates

Click Through Rates are a major metric in determining how effective your online campaign or strategy is, every business has different goals and using the CTR metric is one of the best ways to see if all is going well or not. It goes without saying that the more clicks you receive, obviously the higher the chance of conversions.

Google Rating


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