So . . . what is it?

Pay Per Click advertising is an easy way to expand your online opportunities particularly for small businesses in Australia. So what is it exactly? Pay Per Click (PPL) is paying to display ads to your targeted customers, these strategically placed ads influence more visitors to your site, boosting your revenue! With Pay Per Click advertising, you have the ability to target specific audiences. The team at Primomedia manage your PPL campaign, optimising it to best suit your specific needs by managing bid rates, keyword research, placement ad design and targeting.

There are a variety of campaign types available to suit any business and budget, these include:


Yes! Businesses all over Australia have been gaining new customers and revenue from pay per click campaigns for years. A well written and targeted ad gives you a chance to attract your specific target market to your website, which could possibly end in a conversion!

This depends on a range of factors, including the budget you set when you organise your Adwords campaign and how much you are willing to bid on certain keywords. Some industries can also be more expensive than others with insurance related keywords topping the lot.

Google Adwords is a great way to drive relevant traffic to your site. Your ads can be refined right down to what time of day they show, so you can swap and change and find out what works best for your business. Combined with organic SEO, Google Adwords can get your business to the top.



Pay per click advertising is a way in which you can purchase to positions in search engines, building your brand and getting your message to new customers. The benefits are numerous, the main advantage is the ability to target, whether it's location, time of day or the device the customer is using, it's a clever and savvy way to bring your specific client type to your site or through your door.



If you operate a small business in Australia or are just getting started, then PPC marketing is the ideal solution for you. Working with existing search engine optimisation or those in competing niches, Primomedia can make the smallest budgets work, providing a pay per click marketing solution with greater conversions. Get in touch today to discuss your Adwords requirements.


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