Copywriter and content marketing

Stuck for words or just don’t have the time? If you’re looking for professional copy and content creation for small, medium and large businesses, you’ve found the right place. Writing content can be difficult, creating content which engages and informs your audience is paramount. We specialise in search engine friendly copywriting which not only enhances your website in the eyes of Google but also gives your prospective customers a way to see what your business is all about and what makes it unique. We specialise in a variety of copywriting services, including:


SEO copywriting is when you or your content writer create content for the purpose of helping the website rank better in Google. SEO copywriting should be 100% unique, relevant and informative as well as rich with keywords or terms without being overstuffed.

Copywriting is important for your SEO because when Google crawls your site, it shows that your website is not trying to be deceptive or misleading. Building your website up with unique and informative content shows Google that you are professional, reliable and useful to Google users and as a result, ranks you higher.

It is extremely important for your website to have 100% unique content else you risk being caught out by Google's Panda algorithm and having your website effectively banished to the dreaded depths of Google search results. Unique content also proves to Google that you are a reliable website that knows what it's talking about and has what Google searchers are looking for.



Content marketing is a powerful method to create more interest, better ranking and brand awareness. Creating content dedicated to your business niche that helps and assists potential clients makes you stand out from your competitors as a trusted expert. Google tweaks it’s search algorithms which helps make great content stand above the rest.

Quality content marketing isn’t just another page about your services, it’s created to be engaging, informative and helpful to your target market, building trust in the process.

Producing great content attracts more traffic and generates more conversions, the greater topic driven content, the more exposure your business gains through search engines.

Primomedia offers professional copywriting and content marketing services with our dedicated in house copywriters, having decades of experience with large through to small businesses of all industries, all with unrivalled research and writing skills